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I'm going to try to get out a quick entry whilst in the cafe. Have been having troubles getting my photos to upload, but finally have succeeded - yeah!

The past week has been busy, but it's been great to get into the swing of things and actually start working. We had a few different groups in this week including a 3 day Conflict Management Course and few different school groups. I was able to sit in on a couple of different sessions throughout the week, which was nice and helped me to know what's going on here.

I also spent a good amount of time in the kitchen and even had to prepare dinner on my own my first night in the kitchen. When there's not a group in then the kitchen volunteer is responsible for feeding the rest of the volunteers and interns. It went pretty well I think. I made fish and individual veggie pot pies. People here do not know what a pot pie is it seems. Trying to find a biscuit recipe lead me to the internet as the definition of that word here is completely different and they don't know at all of biscuits as we would call them:) It's funny all the different words and their varying meanings.

A week ago Friday I moved into the room that should be mine for at least awhile. Right now there are not enough rooms for all of the volunteers and interns, so at the moment my room is a triple. My roommate are Yukari and Megan K. Yukari is another volunteer from Japan, who has been here since April and she will be my roommate through Christmas, when she'll head back to Tokyo. Megan is an intern from Virginia, and she will be moving downstairs once another spot opens up. While it's not a huge room, it does set up well for three temporarily. It's also very nice to be out of the basement and up on the top floor. We even have the only window that faces away from the construction!


Other than work I haven't been doing a whole lot. I've been doing a good bit of reading and have been trying to take advantage of the waning daylight by getting out for walks in the evening. I'll leave you with a view of Sugarloaf, a peak that is a common view at Glencree.


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Our "House"

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I thought this time I might give you a little more info about Glencree and the setup here. There are four main buildings: the Wicklow Wing (as described previously the place where the volunteers and interns live), the Bridge Building (which at the moment houses all the guest rooms, offices, and meeting rooms), the Centre Building (which at the moment houses only the dining hall and one large meeting room), and the Armory Building (which houses the coffee shop and exhibition.) There is also another section of builiding attached at a right angle to the armory building which at the moment is run down, but being turned into more guest rooms (at least I think.)

There is a ton of construction going on, so things have been moved around and will probably continue to do so. The Centre Building used to hold offices and some guest rooms as well, but now is heavily under construction, as thus mostly out of use. As stated above, a section of the Armory Building is going through heavy construction. There is also new construction of a section between the Centre Building and the Wicklow Wing that will eventually be all the offices. In addition to all of this the kitchen/group room in the Wicklow Wing is under construction. All of this definitely keeps everyone on their toes, but it is great to have the funding and the ability to do all this. From my understanding all of the buildings, and maybe the property, are owned by the government. I believe they are in trust as historic buildings, and thus Glencree just uses them, but this means all building also has to be approved from the outside as well as the inside, though funding comes from a variety of sources. You are probably now as confused as I am:)

The Armory/Coffee Shop runs independently of the other Glencree programs. You might wonder about the feasibility of a coffee shop up here, but it seems they do pretty good business. This is because of all the tours buses. There are many Wicklow Mountain days tours and they all seem to come through here, bringing with them many people to mill about for a bit. I've heard that some of the drivers will let you come along for the rest of the tour if they have room, though I wonder where you'd be let off at the end of the day:)

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A Long and Winding Road

and a long wait to read this post:)

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So I'm finally putting another entry into this bad boy. I apologize for taking so long. There are internet limitations up here "on the mountain" and I've been trying to figure it all out. I think I've got it now. Basically you may have to wait for photos at times, but I should be able to keep you up to date with problems.

Obviously I arrived safely. I had a bit of a wait once I got to the airport, as there were a couple other girls to pick up too, but we all made it back to Glencree safely by mid-day Saturday. The weekend was a bit lonely as there were only the other volunteers and interns around. This past week we've had the rest of the staff around, though there have been no groups in. It was nice to have other people around, but I think things will feel much different once we get groups around. That will happen starting on Monday. During our training week, they keep the center closed so that there's not so much to take care of. As, there's only two old volunteers who were working this week that's definitely good!

A little bit about the setup of Glencree . . . I am here as a volunteer, but there are also interns. Volunteers work with cooking, cleaning, linking with groups, and a little bit of programming. Interns work with specific programmes. We all live together in a building called the Wicklow Wing. It has 7 double bedrooms, 1 single bedroom, a study, a kitchen/grouproom, and various showers and toilets.


I've been taking all kinds of walks since being here. It's one of the great things about being out in the country, especially with all of the construction work going on around Glencree. They just started it all about a week before I got here and it will be interesting to see how things go. Especially with the Irish/Glencree sense of time. I've already learned to be relaxed about time, but it works out as no one gets upset if you're late either:)


I hope that everyone is doing well. More to come later!

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Here we go

one more time:)

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Hello everyone!
At this point I'm just getting this up and running so I don't have to worry about it later. But I thought I'd leave y'all with a little bit of fun. I know some of you have seen it, but for those of you who haven't here she goes. (And thanks to Matt A. for the find!)



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