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Long Time Gone

Maybe Someday, Someday I'm Gonna Settle Down

Since I've last written you life has been busy! I've been to London for a couple days, the Glendalough Valley for a weekend, Dublin a couple of times, and in between all that I've been working as well:)

Only a day after I last left you I took off bright and early for London. Just the week before my college friend Sarah, had let me know that she, her husband, and son were going to be there. Seeing as I had two days in a row off and had never been to London I figured I might as well head over.

I flew into Stansted on February 5th and took a bus into town. After a little bit of disorientation (which was to happen often during those two days) I finally found my way and walked over to Sarah and Geoff's hotel. The reason for the trip was that Geoff was there for work so I arrived to meet up with Sarah and little Luke for the day. Unfortunately Luke had been spiking a temperature, so we were off to the hospital to get things checked out. Upon being seen by the doctor Sarah found out they might be there for another 2 or 3 hours and thus sent me off to do some solo sightseeing. I snagged the opportunity to go to the British Library to see their Treasures Room, which was AMAZING! If anyone else loves ephemera then this is the place to go - wow. Their collection includes various versions of the Magna Carta, Shakespeare's first folio, the Gutenberg Bible, music manuscripts from the 10th century on, maps dating back to the 15th century, a large variety of illuminated manuscripts, and a case of Pinter's work which includes a letter written to him by Arthur Miller. It was brilliant and something I will not soon forget. Sadly I was unable to take any pictures in the exhibit, but I did take a few inside and outside of the building, which was built in a geometric contemporary fashion.

Cool Lighting Fixtures

Huge Sculpture

After leaving here I decided to head off and find my hostel before meeting back up with Sarah and gang for dinner and possibly a show. In my own London tradition I got lost again. Not completely lost, but in the way I came to expect, I was close to where I needed to be but just couldn't find it. In this process I walked by the British Museum. While I had the intention of coming back the next day to see the Rosetta Stone (I heard it might be moving back to Egypt) I thought it'd be cool to take a picture of the lions outside in the evening.


They are just like every other lion in front of every other museum, library, grand building, etc. in every other place in the world:) But they are nice and stoic.

I finally found the place and checked in and eventually got back the Sarah and Geoff's hotel - whew! While Sarah and I had planned to go see a show that evening, betwix everything else we didn't get around to getting tickets and then with getting lost and all I got back a little late, so we decided to just nix the idea and go out to dinner instead - since of course we did need to eat anyway. As we were getting ready to go I snapped a photo of Luke in his standard stroller position with one leg up. How funny and adorable:)


Coincidentally this also happens to be my only picture of Geoff (or his arm anyways) as it slipped my mind that I wouldn't see him again.

We had a nice dinner and some pub possibly named The Cock and the Bull or maybe The Cock and the Lion and then returned to the hotel for a bit of continued chatting. Luke, back to his very happy and silly demeanor after being diagnosed with an ear infection and dosed with antibiotics, was playing with the bathroom door. (Not to say that he was ever cranky or such, just not as very happy and silly.) Apparently this was his favorite past time in the hotel and he was awful cute while doing. Though I think he's pretty much always looking cute.


This day in particular he also happened to be wearing a Mr. Mischief T-shirt, which was fun as well!

After a bit we said adieu for the evening and I headed back to my hostel for a good night's rest:)

In the morning, Luke, Sarah, and I met up at Covent Garden and then walked over to the Courtauld Gallery - my big pick for the day. They have a small, but awesome collection of Impression, Post-Impressionism, and Sculpture, which includes some choice Cezanne, one of my favs.


Their collection included this Cezanne among others. Sarah got a photo of another really great painting, sadly I've yet to upload it. There were also some great torchieres greeting you as you walked into one section of the gallery.


They're so cheery:)

The gallery was perfect, especially as we were just finishing up when Luke was getting a wee bit antsy - not that I blame him, probably not the most exciting stuff for a 10 month old and who really wants to be cooped up in a stroller all morning:) After we finished up there we headed back to Covent Garden to do a bit more peeking about and such. We strolled by the Opera House and through the open market.


We also happened to see a man performing opera to a boombox (yes, I grew up in the 80's). It was some silly song and he got people to do all kinds of strange things including getting a lady to change shoes with him, which can be viewed in the pic below.


After this we took ourselves on a stroll through Trafalger Square


and then down along the Thames past the London Eye.

Luke peeking out curiously at Trafalger Square.

Me in front of the London Eye.

Sarah and Luke walking along the Thames.

Sarah and Luke with his leaf - who knew a leaf could be SO exciting:)

Then of course there was Parliament and Big Ben and I got a fairly trippy picture of the second. Even more so in real life as the clouds were moving at an incredible speed.


Then around to the side Sarah spotted this humorous gargoyle:

Continuing our prelunch jaunt we passed Westminster Abbey. Wish I had time to go inside, it looked pretty spectacular.



We then had a very yummy lunch at a place who's name I wish could remember, but can't. However if we were to go there together I could find it for you:) After lunch we headed to Buckingham Palace and took a walk through St. James Park where we had this spectacular view


And then back to Buckingham Palace, of which all my pictures look kinda blah, so instead you get a picture of the circle in front of BP,


And one last photo of Sarah and Luke before I left them


They then took and stroll back to their hotel and I ran to my bus to the airport. All I have to say is that the trip back was kind of a mess one so many levels and I don't really care to rehash it. I did eventually make it back to Glencree in one piece and after such a great couple of days it was well worth it. I've still got more to fill you in on, but I'll give y'all and myself a little bit of time to recover from this craziness I call a blog entry:)

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